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Allowing patients to
book instantly across the internet

  • Consumer Health Portals

    Promote your profile & open appointments to over 20M consumers

  • Health Plan Doctor Finders

    Differentiate through online scheduling for plan members

  • Provider-owned digital channels

    Convert your web & mobile sites into patient access & engagement platforms

Why Healthcare Providers DocASAP

Featured customer

  • Improved patient access and engagement
  • More new patients, retained existing patients
  • Brand presence on WebMD, health plans, and other partners

Why Healthcare COOs DocASAP

  • reduces work

    Less time answering phones, rescheduling appointments, and waiting for no-shows

  • sophisticated scheduling

    Flexible solution that's adaptable to complex scheduling rules that are always changing and vary by provider. You still manage the schedule.

  • specialty-specific workflows

    Patients are routed to the correct specialist and appointment type

Why Healthcare CIOs DocASAP

  • Little Investment

    Go-Live doesn't require much help from the tech team.

  • fast go-live

    A matter of weeks, not months

  • Insights on Patient Management

    Drive business decisions for your Marketing and Operations colleagues with DocASAP Insights

Case Study

Results from a major national account with thousands of bookings per day

  • new patients boosted

    54% of bookings are new patients.

  • after hours access

    59% of bookings are after hours.

  • mobile access

    54% of bookings are from mobile devices — a new platform for this health system!

  • no-show rate cut

    No-shows went from 27% to 15%.

20% of all appointments are now done online through DocASAP.

Nationwide and Growing Fast

Operating in states and counting!